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Because of court decisions, authors of a website for the contents of the set of links you will be liable, unless they dissociate itself from its contents. We therefore distance ourselves explicitly from the contents of websites accessible by links or banners, including all subsequent pages. This declaration applies to all on our home page and all contents of the pages to which links or banners. This also applies to posts in our forums. Contributions of named authors on our pages do their personal opinions. StarshineHair is liable under any circumstances for any damages to the user arising from the use of information on these pages. The entire contents of is protected by copyright and intellectual property law. The use and exploitation of all posts, text, images and graphics from the offer of is therefore permitted for personal use only. Any further use without the consent of StarshineHair inadmissible and punishable. This applies in particular to duplications, translations, microfilming, storage and processing in electronic systems. Your StarshineHair Team

Privacy = Necessary for the order data is stored in compliance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act and under the order processing may be forwarded to affiliated companies. All personal data is treated confidentially. You can always get free information about you stored information (Scope, purpose, Get another receiver). If you want the details can be removed or corrected. You can also lock the data so that they may be used either for market or opinion research.

Terms and conditions 1 Scope (1) For your orders for goods subject to the following terms and conditions (GTC) of StarshineHair, associated company of the LJD Frischherz Int. Trading & Sourcing, CEO Laurent Jean-Daniel Frischherz and CEO Andreas Suter, 4104 Oberwil, +41 (077 426 19 67), eMail: in at the time the order is placed. Any of these conditions, different rules apply only if they are confirmed in writing. StarshineHair reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without notice. (2) These terms and conditions apply to all business relationships between the customer and StarshineHair our goods and services that are offered on all sites, catalogs, advertisements, by phone online or offline. (3) in any way by our Terms and Conditions deviating from customers, we do not recognize. Exception is if we have expressly agreed in writing. In the case of gaps or lack of clarity of provisions, the statutory provisions. (4) All of StarshineHair recommended or linked sites are not under the supervision of StarshineHair and are therefore not responsible. A legal liability is excluded. 2 Contract (1) The appointment of our products in our online shop is via internet or fax. It is applicable on the date of the order prices. (2) are all custom tailored to the customer's request through manufactured or modified products. For custom, there is no return. (3) The customer waives a declaration of acceptance. By submitting the completed order form on the Internet, the customer makes a binding offer to conclude a sales contract or work and materials contract. The contract is concluded by acceptance of the offer by confirmation by e-mail from StarshineHair. (4) All prices excluding VAT. (5) All prices and shipping costs are due immediately with the contract. (6) If the product should not be available reserves StarshineHair to withdraw from the contract. In such a case, the customer will be informed immediately about the non-deliverability. May have already provided compensation by the customer will be refunded immediately. 3 Logistics & Shipping (1) We deliver to addresses within Switzerland and worldwide. Delivery is uninsured and at risk of the customer from our warehouse to the designated delivery address. There are the shipping costs out of our price lists. StarshineHair reserves the right to entrust the future, other shipping service providers. (2) We are entitled to partial deliveries. For partial deliveries, we carry the added costs. (3) The actual costs are specified in the shop at Delivery and postage costs. (4) A claim by a customer for damages for delay in performance is excluded if starshineHair regarding the delay neither intention nor gross negligence. The final contract is subject to the timely and in full. This is true only for the case that the non-delivery is not responsible starshineHair. The customer is informed of the unavailability of the service. The contribution is refunded if necessary. (5) Unused and originally packaged goods can be returned within 14 days. If the customer has received a wrong item by mistake, we refund the purchase price plus shipping (only mailing!). All other returns may occur as the parcel will be returned carriage paid. If not enough postage returns we subtract the cost from the refund amount. Until the reimbursement from the receipt of the package can take up to 20 days. 4 Maturity and payment, retention of title (1) The payment of the ordered goods and services is available by advance payment, PayPal or bank transfer. Other types of payment are not currently possible. (2) Deliveries within Switzerland will be sent by standard post. StarshineHair but it is free to choose any one other logistics partners. (3) Until full payment of the purchase price and shipping costs and all other claims made under the contract against the customer, the delivered goods remain the property of StarshineHair. If the goods have been already passed, is an extended retention of title as agreed. (4) The customer is only entitled to offset if his counterclaims against StarshineHair legally established or recognized by starshineHair expressly. (5) StarshineHair Switzerland is entitled to use for the settlement of payment of the services of trustworthy third parties. a) If payment of the customer StarshineHair may assign its claims to a debt collection agency and transfer the payment to the person involved necessary data to that third party. b) In the case of intervention of third parties in the handling of payments, the payment is in relation to StarshineHair only counts as made if the amount has been provided contractually to the third parties, so that the third parties dispose of it. 5 performance, performance & delay performance impossibility (1) The delivery of the goods for payment in advance or invoice within 10 days from receipt of payment in StarshineHair. (2) Unless otherwise agreed, StarshineHair has done completely with the proper dispatch of the goods. This applies from the date of delivery of goods to logistics partners. The risk of accidental loss or accidental deterioration of the shipped goods passes to the customer. On request StarshineHair insured the goods. The costs are borne by the customer. (3) StarshineHair is not liable for failure to meet contractual obligations, if the Nichterf?lllung on an impediment beyond their control is based (eg non-delivery by suppliers / producers, natural disasters, government action). The agreed performance deadlines are extended accordingly. Lasts more than 2 months, both sides are entitled to terminate the contract without notice. Of mutual claims are excluded. 6 warranty claims, warranty (1) The customer has the goods delivered directly to verify receipt. Any complaints are immediately due to defects or damage in transit, at the latest after 5 days of receipt of goods or performance of the deficiencies in writing to StarshineHair. After this period StarshineHair is under no obligation to correct any deficiencies or goods to take back. (2) In the event of a defect of the product is packaged in the original packaging to return fully and carefully to StarshineHair. The return must be accompanied by a copy of the invoice. The show is always free to send back home by parcel. Insufficient postage will not be accepted. (3) images do not always have the appearance of the products supplied match. In particular, it can range for renewals by StarshineHair or its associated manufacturers to come changes in appearance and in the facilities of the products. Warranty claims are not so far as the changes are reasonable for the customer. (4) If the product is defective, we will in due time for supplementary performance, ie provide for either replacement or elimination of deficiencies. Required for the subsequent expenses are borne by us. If we are not the remedy, you have your choice of the right to rescind the purchase or a price reduction. (5) The guarantee is in each case the statutory period for entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs. The beginning of the warranty begins with the transfer of risk to the customer. (6) The assignment of the warranty is excluded. 7 Liability for damages (1) StarshineHair not be liable for damages in a wrongful damage, a non-intended use or of a natural wear and tear of a purposed of the product are due. Thus, in particular assume no liability for damages incurred due to faulty maintenance or application of the product. Our general maintenance manuals, maintenance manuals and application notes for the respective products are to be observed, therefore, if present. (2) StarshineHair liable for violations of fundamental obligations under the main contract for damages caused on or in the absence of assured characteristics. (A 3) If StarshineHair violated a substantial contractual duty by negligence, the liability is limited to the purchase price of the goods. Further claims are excluded StarshineHair. The customer has to reduce independently in each case, by schadensmindernde measures the expected loss as far as possible. (4) damages for breach of a duty under the contract is to be paid under the legal conditions and only in cases of intent or gross negligence. The same applies to claims for damages on the basis of product liability. (5) The liability for contractual or tort claims for damages are excluded, unless they are based on ordinary negligence by StarshineHair, its legal representatives or agents. 8 Privacy, Confidentiality & Integrity (1) The customer is aware and agrees that his job-and personal data for order and contract management of StarshineHair centrally stored and processed. (2) StarshineHair are not personal and job-related data to third parties if that is the execution of contracts not required. We guaranteeing that the data protection provisions. If you have further questions about privacy, you should contact StarshineHair. Our contact details under Contact. (3) Both parties to them are in the business became known operating and business secrets (either visible or clearly marked as such) kept confidential even after the business relationship. Here are the recipes in particular, contacts between the producers and the agreed prices and other frame conditions. (4) The customer is prohibited without consultation direct contact, particularly around StarshineHair to any suppliers, has abandoned the StarshineHair in the business. 9 performance, jurisdiction, applicable law (1) performance for all services from the existing business relationships with StarshineHair is Basel-Land, Switzerland. (2) In commercial transactions, it is agreed for all claims arising from the business relations between StarshineHair and the customer as the court Basel-Land. (3) For the business and the legal disputes arising therefrom may Championship. The validity of the uniform UN Sales Convention of 11 April 1980 (CISG) on the Sale of Goods is excluded. 10 Final provisions, severability clause (1) Should be or become invalid under applicable law or future parts of our terms and conditions, then the effectiveness of the other conditions unchanged. (2) These general terms and conditions of StarshineHair have validity from 01.01.2009.